République Démocratique du Congo

October 2010 - November 2011


October 2011 :

Beginning October 2010 I arrived in Kinshasa, ready to start my first mission with the ICRC. One year later, I am based in Kisangani, the center of the African continent, and can’t believe how fast these 12 months passed...

6 more weeks and I will be going back to Europe for a 2 month break, before my next mission.

August 2011 :

My mission has been extended until the end of November 2011.

May 2011 :

I have moved to Kisangani, in the Province Orientale, where I will be based until the end of this mission.

November 2010 :

It’s been a little over a month since I set foot in DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo), where I will be spending a year.

I arrived at the beginning of the rainy season: the air humid and warm, the mango trees charged with fruit, and Kinshasa still in the wake of the 50th Anniversary of Independence celebrations.

My plane from Nairobi landed in Brazzaville (capital of the neighboring Republic of Congo) and then took off again for the shortest flight ever: 10 minutes across the river Congo to Ndjili Airport, Kinshasa.

The first and only shock upon my arrival was of unexpectedly pleasant nature: for the next year I will be sharing a flat that is four times the size of my last Parisian home and includes all amenities, including a pool.

For the rest, the Congolese are such friendly and cheerful people, that I adapted quite smoothly to my new job and life here in Kin.

Except for a week in the South-Eastern region in Kalemie, I have been spending these first weeks mainly in the capital.

For the pictures of my first month in DRC, click below:


            Kinshasa                             Kalemie                             Bonobos

Further pictures of DRC:


              Kisangani                      Brazzaville (RC)                     Equateur


           Ubangi River                    Around Kinshasa                Province Orientale


       Around Kisangani              Last Weeks in DRC

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Oct 2010



Oct 2010


Oct 2010


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Brazza (RC) Dec 2010


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