In May 2004, after the expiration of my Chinese contract, I decided to hit the road to fulfill my dream of a lifetime: to travel extensively in Asia and Oceania without the pressure of time and the necessity of airplane travel. My idea was to travel mostly overland and give myself enough time to get to know faraway countries and different cultures by living as close as possible to the local realities.

Having met Fred during my last months in China and finding his "RTW by bicycle" a very stimulating way of travelling, I planned my journey in such a way as to be able to join him in the Philippines and spend 6 months on the road with him. The experience was a success and when Fred took the road to Europe from India, I decided to continue travelling by bicycle on my own in South-East Asia and finally Australia.

This website was done during the trip in order to share the experience with friends and family.

In November 2005, after 18 months of travel and 16,600 km by bicycle, I caught up with Fred in Paris.

Date of Last Update: 20.01.2006


Cycling RTW  (May 2004 - Nov 2005)

RTW Countries

New Zealand

May-Jun 2004

F Polynesia

Jun-Jul 2004

W Samoa

Jul 2004


Jul-Aug 2004


Aug - Sep 2004

Malaysia & S’pore

Oct - Nov 2004


Nov 2004 - Feb 05


Feb-Mar 2005


Mar-Apr 2005


Apr-May 2005


May-Jun 2005


Jun-Jul 2005


Aug 2005


Sep - Nov 2005


The 4 Phases of the Journey

May-Aug 2004: Left Europe with a one-way ticket to New Zealand and backpacked 3 months in the Pacific area:   New Zealand  *  French Polynesia  *  West. Samoa  *  Fiji

Aug 2004 - Jan 2005: Caught up with Fred in Manila, bought a bicycle and started pedaling towards India. The 6 months and 8,000 km on the road with Fred are best summarized in

Manila-Mumbai: 6 Months on a Bicycle

Philippines  *  Malaysia & Brunei & Singapore  *  India

Feb-Aug 2005: Fred and I took different routes (he headed towards France and I back East). 6 more months in South-East Asia, alternating periods on the saddle with stretches by train/bus, taking my bicycle with me all the time

Northern India  *  Myanmar  *  Thailand  *  Laos  *  Vietnam  *  Cambodia  *  Indonesia

Sept-Nov 2005: Last 3 months in Australia, backpacking and cycling. The journey ended in Tasmania, where I sold the bike and closed the virtual 'Loop' in Asia & Oceania, which had started 18 months previously in NZ.





“It is the unknown around the corner that turns my wheels.”

Heinz Stucke